Do you deliver?
Yes, we can deliver our products nationwide. Within 30 miles of our store we will send our own 2 mean delivery team and orders over £1000 we will look to send a 2 man team. For orders less than £1000 and more than 30 miles away, we will use external couriers to deliver your goods.
What is a graded product?
So a graded product will have a stage. We use our staging grade system as 1, 2 and 3. Grade 1 is the top and grade 3 being the lower end. All graded products will normally have a minor cosmetic imperfection and some may have had minimal use. Unless otherwise stated our graded range normally are product returns within 28 days of original sale.
What does PDI stand for?

PDI is a pre delivery inspection, we run this process on every product when it arrives to us, unless your product is brand new. In our PDI we cover live product testing, fault repairs and imperfection logs.

When we say lives testing clothes are used in washers and dryers (without cleaning agents) however we do not put food in the cookers.

I need my product installed can you help?
Yes we offer installation on all our products providing the product is delivered by our team. We have numerous qualified staff to help with this.
What do you do with my old product?
We offer a recycling service on your old product, we will collect the old product when we deliver your new one, bring it back to base and attempt to repair it. If we can repair it we will donate it to a local charity to sell, if not we will take out essential parts and properly dispose of the shell. When we remove parts we hope to use them in other machines to reduce waste.
What about the bulky packaging?
When you purchase installation and recycling together we will ensure we take the packaging with us, keep that much needed space in your bins.