We like to offer our customers the best experience possible, so we now offer our value installation services which can be added to your order and used on delivery.

We understand your new product has already cost you money so because you bought from us you can take advantage of our value installation services. For as little as £15 we will remove your product from its packaging, install it in the room of your choice, test the product before we leave, and will take all the packaging with us so you don't fill up your bin.

This service is limited to Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and beds.

Any products requiring electrical or gas connection, hob, or oven installation may have additional charges. This will need to be discussed with your sales agent at the time of your purchase.

We will try our best to accommodate all installation requests and will be subject to time allocation on delivery so please inform your sales agent at the time of purchase.


As a helping hand, we also offer removal of your old product service.

We know how heavy some things can be and how much of a nuisance-they can be left lying around until you find time to get rid of them yourself.

Take the pressure off and take advantage of our old product removal service. When we deliver your new product you will have the option for us to take your old ones away with us.

Starting at £15 we will uninstall your old appliance (where applicable) and take it out of your home and into our van, saving you the headache of doing it yourself.

All products we remove are then properly disposed of and we can provide you with a note of where your product ended up if you require it. We will never dump or fly-tip any of the products we remove and take care in choosing the right methods of disposal.

If you require this service please let your sales agent know at the time of sale so we can allocate a room in the van and time to remove the products.