We understand things go wrong but here at Bourne Home Furniture we stand by our products and their quality, so we run a 30-point pre-delivery inspection on all our products to ensure they are in good working order before being released for sale.

What is PDI?

PDI stands for Pre-delivery inspection and is carried out by our highly trained engineers.

Our pre-delivery inspection process is really quite simple, before our products reach our store they go to our testing facility and will be checked over and tested by our highly trained engineers.

We decided this was the best option to minimize faulty products being delivered to our customers. All products undergo this PDI and will not be released for sale until we feel they are fit for sale.

Not all faults can be rectified, such as dents, deep scratches, or paint deficiencies.

Any products we find that may have faulty parts or problems causing faults to them will be rectified where possible and will include but are not limited to:

Missing parts

Dents and scuff removed (when possible)

Cleaning (if required)

Replacement parts fitted.

These steps will only take place if we believe that the value of the repair is economic and the repair can be carried out to ensure the safety and lifespan of the product.

If we believe a product is not in fit condition, it will fail the PDI process and be quarantined until the product is correctly disposed of.

For any more information on this process feel free to contact our team who can advise you further.

All PDI sheets that are completed are stored for reference at any time. They can be traced using the product number on your receipt. You will normally have a copy of the PDI sheet inside your product.